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Maritime Insurance


Maritime Insurance

Sticco Sped, offers the insurance coverage of the goods for any damages incurred to them during all stages of transportation.

We are specialized in the goods sector considered Valori and not, we are equipped with armored vehicles and armed stocks, we do shipments around the world, we are specialized in fairs service and itinerant trade fairs, we can provide you insurance cover also on the stock of goods, we have a consolidated network of agents and affiliates that operate exclusively and exclusively in the Value sector.
We are able to offer you special services for urgent shipments, we are Customs Carriers ourselves, we carry out customs clearance and follow passengers.
We have a worldwide network that is able to answer Vs / questions or concerns regarding operations on foreign states.
We are ourselves Customs Consultants and Transportation Consultants, we do this business; specialist for more than two generations, when the armored man meant the self-confidence.

It is possible to stipulate insurance contracts covering all types of risk at any time of transport, covering not only the total value of the goods shipped but also the ancillary costs involved, including the cost of the insurance itself, and even the hoped for failure sale in accordance with international conventions on cargo insurance.

Thanks to the stipulation of insurance policies with the leading companies in the sector, Stecco Sped is able to assist the customer in all phases of a claim, claiming claims, liquidation of compensation in a reasonably quick time.