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SOLAS Convention

SOLAS - Verified Gross Mass (VGM) Convention

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has modified SOLAS - Safety of Life at Sea to ensure ship, worker and cargo security, that a packed container has a gross mass checked before stowed on board the vessel . The consignor shall be responsible for checking the gross mass of the container and shall also ensure that the gross mass checked is entered in the shipment documents in sufficient time before being used by the ship's commander or terminal representative in preparation of the stowage plan ship. In the absence of such communication, the container shall not be embarked on the ship. This requirement will have legal effect from 1 July 2016. The end of the resolution is the "VGM Verify Gross Mass" ie the weight of the load including the tare of the container carrying it (container means any type of equipment). The SOLAS Regulation - VGM Verify Gross Mass - provides two methods by which the sender / exporter can obtain the weight certification of a loaded container: Method 1: Weighing the container terminated loading operations The sender / exporter after loading and sealing the container, weighs or weighs it from third parties with standard precision instruments and provides the Compagnia di Navigazione with proof of such weighing. Method 2: Weigh all the elements that go into the container The sender / exporter must send a formal declaration to the Maritime Vector, which attests the total weight of the goods (complete with packaging, pallets and anchoring material) to which he added the tare of the container, as reported in the weighing panel of the container itself . For both methods, the weighing equipment used must comply with the current precision and accuracy requirements of the country where the instrument is used.
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