The Tar of Campania unlocks the Dragages in the Port of Naples!

In a few weeks the dredges in the port of Naples, after years of waiting, can finally begin. The last resort of the courts has been overturned: the Tar of Campania rejected the request for second-class suspension of the competition awarded on 12 July recognizing the public interest of the work.
Stefano Sorrentini, president of Assoagenti Campania, said: “The port community has been waiting for them for thirty years,” as deepening the depths will enlarge port market horizons, allowing access to larger merchant ships, as well as completing another major work , the new Levante Dock.

This is the 1,306,736 cubic meters of sediment sediment to bring the backdrops, depending on the quays concerned, between 11 and 14 meters, up to 16 meters at the entrance to Levante. The call was won with a bid of 25.5 million from the temporary company group Società Italiana Dragaggi, as a client, together with Consorzio Integra, Rcm Costruzioni and Savarese Costruzioni as mandates. They will be funded by European funds, those of the “Great Project”.


“The Court acknowledged the prevailing public interest and rejected the request for suspension. Now we can sign the contract and start the work, “said Pietro Spirito, chairman of the Central Tyrrhenian Port Authority (Adsp). In January next year, Tar set a hearing for the merit decision. “We will sign the contract on Friday and Monday next, and deliver the construction site to businesses for a total of 14 months,” said the Spirit.

Important dragons, in addition to allowing easier access to ships and the entry of larger merchant units, actually unlock the construction of the Levante Dock, whose filling boxes are waiting for those sediments from the bottom deck. Dragons that also require “up” jobs where the draga can not arrive. For this reason, the port authority has asked the operators-operators of the quays concerned to contribute directly to operations, perhaps through regional funding. “It is useless to wait,” explains Spirito, “I spoke with Grandi Navi Veloci’s CEO about the need for minor interventions. We will ask the Region to fund marginal dredges, where the dear can not intervene. ”

An “epoch day” for Mario Esposito, president of the group of Sailors and Barcaioli in the port of Naples. “It could be said – he says – of rebirth of the stop. Now everyone at work, institutions, port operators and shipowners. No more excuses for not seeing Naples resume trading that has always been her. ” An event of “undisputed reach,” adds Sorrentini. “After the establishment – concludes – of the management of the ADSP, carried out well in advance of the totality of Italian ports, and the approval of the three-year operational plan, our port is another point of efficiency.”