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Sticco sped on WhatsApp Now!

From today Sticco sped s.r.l. makes available to its StakeHolder an indispensable tool to speed up the exchange of information, documents, photos, data: WhatsApp! Contact us at + 39 335 78 15 700, and an on-line operator will be at your disposal for any need. Sticco sped: Connected with the World!

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Our “IATA Agent” Certification

   Sticcosped is IATA Agent! The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is an international airline organization, and we, as agents, are developing a vast network of links with the world’s major shopping centers! In short: a guarantee of Coverage and Reliability!  

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Sticcosped S.r.l. from today is also on Facebook!

“Man invented the wheel for transport… our aim is that of not disappointing our ancestor.”     –     A.Sticco – Sticcosped s.r.l. Founder In the spirit of renewal that establishes a deep relationship with its roots, Sticcosped S.r.l. is also present on Facebook today for up-to-date updates on our work and spreading our pioneering spirit to anyone who wants to…

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