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Trasporto Aereo Sticco Sped


Maritime activities take place mainly in Naples.
The port of Naples given its geographical position is an open window on all Mediterranean countries as well as the main landing for all goods leaving and arriving from Africa, the Far East and the Middle East.
International air transport is the flagship of our business.
As a IATA agent, we are delighted to develop a wide area of ​​connection with the major commercial and business centers of U.S.A., Canada, Japan and many other countries. In order to guarantee a total efficiency service, we look at the details of each single transport stage.
We have modernized truck and trailer trucks, covering national and European transport requirements and a large fleet of fast-moving cars that provide Lightweight Shipment and fast connection functions.
We have been shipping and shipping since 1954, we operate all over the world through a valid, efficient and well-established network of correspondents. The list of our customers is long and varied by commercial typology.
As freight forwarders we are organized to meet the many needs of our customers and we offer the utmost assistance to solve their problems.
In our warehouse we consolidate all goods via air and via Mare and we carry out foreign shipage groupage daily.
We also have Warehouse and VAT Deposits.
Customs operations are carried out in a timely manner, we are linked ON-LINE with the FINANCIAL MINISTRY-DEPARTMENT OF CUSTOMS and we are authorized to operate in a simplified procedure.

Our Customs department is the centerpiece of our business.
It supports and verifies all trading transactions by constantly updating our employees.
The online connection with the Finance Ministry / CUSTOMS DEPARTMENT allows us to operate in real time by reducing waiting times for operations.
Our Services include:
Customs Classification and Coding of Goods.
Customs assistance for: Export, Import, recourse, sanatoriums, review reviews, disputes, handling of deferred payment and litigation at all Customs agencies belonging to the Circumscriptions of Naples and Salerno.
Free practice of non-Community goods and passage through VAT deposit
INTRASTAT lists: periodic writing and management

We are specialized in the goods sector considered Valori and not, we are equipped with armored vehicles and armed stocks, we do shipments around the world, we are specialized in fairs service and itinerant trade fairs, we can provide you insurance cover also on the stock of goods, we have a consolidated network of agents and affiliates that operate exclusively and exclusively in the Value sector.
We are able to offer you special services for urgent shipments, we are Customs Carriers ourselves, we carry out customs clearance and follow passengers.
We have a worldwide network that is capable of answering Vs / questions or doubts about operating on foreign states.
We are Customs Consultants and Transportation Consultants ourselves, we do this business; specialist for more than two generations, when the armored man meant the self-confidence.