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Dangerous goods transport


Dangerous goods transport

Stecco Sped has developed a high level of expertise in the handling of dangerous goods, in compliance with current regulations: ADR, IMDG, IATA, DGR.
Transporting dangerous goods is the industry that needs more expertise, for the potential damage that the goods themselves can cause to people and things. Again in this case, we set ourselves as a real consultant / partner, assisting the customer at all stages of the preparation of the transport.
The compatibility of different dangerous goods classified under transport is conventionally reproduced through tables that form the possible coexistence of different dangerous goods within the same means of transport.
The following table shows the general provisions for separation between the various classes of dangerous goods.
Since the properties of substances, materials or objects within each class can vary considerably, the dangerous goods list must always be consulted for special provisions and, in case of conflict of dispositions, these prevail over the general provisions. Separation also takes into account only one subsidiary risk label.


Intenational Maritime Dangerous Guide

Legenda: C=Compatibile NC=Non Compatibile